i regret everything i ever said to you
and it wasn’t even mean shit
it was just shit
i always wanna talk perfect with you
but i can’t. I’m inevitably awkward.
and you’re indefinitely perfect.
i’m trying to cope.

i believe that dreams are real
they just aren’t reality

i could count your eyelashes
the infinite ways i’d love you
if you’d just give me a chance

realize me
want me to be there
notice me
crave me
feel for me
long for me
realize me

- blw

and he doesn’t notice you. you’re just not his type. he doesn’t care for you. they don’t care for you at all. what do you do?

The constant anxiety you feel when trying to say the right thing or merely trying to be yourself. The struggle to fit in. I've been there, but eff it! You are one of a kind. No one can do you better! Stay strong & work hard! You'll be out in no time!


thank you so much. you wrote that so well, it’s like you understand what i’m feeling. i mean i’m consumed by all the pressure and i’ve lost myself in the process.

i hate high school. i hate being a new kid. i hate all the cliques. i hate being the nerd of every class. i hate living life on the outside looking in at what everyone else is doing. i hate never being cool enough. or just being too “me” and not enough like them. i just hate this. fuck the “seniour year is your best year” bullshit. this is one of the worst times of my life. i’m scared of everything. i can barely breathe.

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