why did God make you so perfect for me yet so hard to obtain

you knock me offa my feet now baby

why melt if i’ll just freeze again?
the day begins
i cave in again
i fade and i drift
but you crash into me
funny you ain’t into me
you lookin for me practically
you just don’t know that she is me
we could be so perfect
i just like that sound you see
you see me but you don’t see me
i see you and i see history
i see me
through your eyes
you’re just a temporary lie
pretty soon the truth will surface
and i will return to my hurtin


just want to cry my eyes out and die


and thank you tannrkenbey, one of my good friends 💜 for being my 600th follower


i am at the top of the hill
screaming as loud as my anatomy allows
pero no me entiendas
and i have to deal with it
the most frustrating shit

and those dreams are the best dreams i have
is that bad?

dreaming about him does not help
because those dreams are completely unparalleled to the reality we experience
it just makes me fall deeper
and hurt much more immensely
watching from the sidelines
his infallible, alluring smile that i’ll never be the cause of
his contagious, heart-melting laughter that i can only watch but never dare to catch
when he’s lonely i can’t ever be there because we both know he doesn’t want me
then impending sadness rolls in
i agonize and tell my friends
they call me crazy which i already knew
i was just hoping for a different view
for someone to say “yes” when i’m down and blue
all over you
can’t get over you

might as well get on here and complain about how sad i am