why aren’t girls who look like me sexualized?

by no means do i want to be necessarily, but i’ve noticed that with women, especially coloured women, the “exotic” ones are always associated with having lighter skin. what’s exotic about being light? what’s sexy about being light? what’s so much better about it? that’s why Nigeria is one of the top countries in terms of women who bleach their skin. that’s why little black girls in the US grow up hating themselves. that’s why relaxers/perms exist. that’s why we love to savor the moment when we’ve “just washed our hair” because we temporarily have wet, curly hair like lighter, “exotic” women. black people amaze me. we are destroying ourselves with this self hatred. how can we progress from this? to my dark girls, my sisters, keep your heads up. we are the descendants of queens.

i hate high school

so diggy is coming to atlanta

on a thursday. august the twenty first.

My body is ready.


TLC - Baby-Baby-Baby